Cordless Electric Garden Tools

January 13, 2024

Latest company news about Cordless Electric Garden Tools

Cordless Electric Garden Tools

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1.Buyers Guide to Cordless Garden Tools

Are you got mad with a tangled mess of intertwined wires while doing gardening work? Are you tired of safely transport and store petrol in order to run your garden tools? For convenience to use, more and more people are choosing battery powered garden tools as the way forward. With the following information about electric garden tools, I hope to be helpful to you to make the best choice about garden tools.

2. Advantages of Cordless Garden Tools

Compared with petrol and corded electric alternatives, battery powered garden tools provide easier maintance,storage and user experiece. Users get the same freedom as petrol with lower maintenance. Meanwhile users also don't worry about the limit of outdoor working condition unlike corded electric tools.Aside from tasks like sharpening and lubricating blades, there’s no need to do much to keep them in working order – just keep your batteries storing in a dry place, indoor environment (rather than the shed or garage) and charge them up in uses. As long as you’ve remembered batteries to be charged fully while working, there’s no other complicate set-up process – just pull the trigger and away you go. For example, KOMOK electric pruning shears, high quality DLC blades are used, so users needn't sharpen blade even in a long time use.


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Being electric, these tools tend to be a lot quieter than petrol machines, with less vibration and no exhaust fumes. As well as having obvious benefits to the operator, this means they are generally less of a nuisance to neighbours and anyone else in the immediate vicinity too.


Cordless tools are relatively safer than petrol or corded electric as well. Petrol is highly flammable, must be stored safely and it's a real nuisance to clean up after leaks and spills. While using corded tools, you have to use long enought extension wire for the appliance and have to always be aware of the wire to prevent accidentally cutting through it or tripping over it,specially, it is very inconvenient to use it or outdoor farm or orchards.



Above are some of the benefits – but you have to think of battery,including battery structure and output voltage if it’s able to match with kit or not.


3.Battery Voltage

Cordless tools are split into a variety of categories depending on the voltage they run on. Commonly this will be 12v, 18v or 36v for example, and the higher this number, the more powerful you can expect the machine to be. This means that a 12v chainsaw will only be able to run a very short chain, while a 36v chainsaw will enable you to saw through bigger branches, and with far greater speed and efficiency. That doesn’t mean that bigger is always better because more powerful tools need bigger,heavier and more expensive batteries. By contrast, a 12v battery is extremely compact and lightweight, meaning that a mini 12v chainsaw can be used comfortably with less fatigue, and will be ideal for use in tight space for smaller branches. Usually 18V is modest and more popular for home use in the market.

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4.Battery Runtime

You may notice another figure quoted on battery capacity and that’s ampere-hours (Ah/mAh). What this refers to is how much charge the battery can store inside it, and the higher this value, the longer the battery can keep going before it needs recharging. Again, this doesn’t necessarily mean that bigger is always better as you’ll usually find the cost, size and overall weight of the battery increases as well. But if you have a large garden or orchard to maintain, bigger capacity battery is more pratical. Without the tool grinding to a halt before you’ve finished. KOMOK 42mm electric pruning shears have 2pcs 25.2V big capacity battery, so that it's able to work 8 hours in moderate intensity use. It's the best seller in the market.


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For different intensity working, power tool working time is affected because of different loading when battery volume drops from full to zero. Some power tools don’t have to work all that hard to fulfil their required function – for example a typical string trimmer only needs to be able to spin a thin length of nylon line around, and you’ll probably find that one of the smallest batteries will keep it running for a decent amount of time. However, put this same battery into a rotary lawnmower with a big metal blade, and you might not get very far at all before its completely flat.


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5.Battery Quality

You may know different battery with the same capacity, but price difference is much. Battery quality depends on cell and housing quality. If battery is made from used cell, then battery power capacity is lower and service life short as well. High quality battery will make your power tools more efficiently with a long working time.


With suitable and seperior quality batteries, KOMOK cordless electric shears will let you work over large areas without interruption.

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6.Are Batteries Interchangeable Between Brands?


For a long time it was a very simple answer: no!

Usually different manufacturers have own battery housing model. However, times are changing and with a recent shift in the industry towards more universal battery platforms these lines are becoming more blurred. More and more manufacturers tend to use public battery model,such as Makita, Quanyou etc. It's sure to become more widespread as time goes on.

When you plan to change a new battery, if you're not sure about the battery housing model, that's better to you to consult seller about right battery and charger.



KOMOK provides different cutting sizes for customers and partners. 25mm electric pruning shears are light and better for woman, old man and arthritic. 40mm electric pruning shears are able to cut thick branches with superior DLC blade. 42mm electric pruning shears have finger protection function to prevent user from hurting finger. Different colors are optional as your wish.

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Safety and PPE

Remember that power tools can be dangerous so make sure to read the manual before using any new tool. If you don’t already own appropriate PPE for the task you’re undertaking, you may want to try and purchase some at the same time so you’re all ready to go. It is recommended to wear eye protection with most power tools, but depending on the job you may also require equipment like safety boots, ear defenders and a helmet.